Grand Prix - Rules

  1. There will be three annual Grands Prix Series held for club members in the following categories Summer, Winter and Hill Running. The Summer Grand Prix will consist of races over a variety of distances and terrains, the Winter Grand Prix of cross-country, trail and multi-terrain races over a variety of distances, incorporating district and national events, and the Hill Grand Prix of hill races over a variety of distances and terrains, incorporating national events.
  2. A member may only compete in his or her own age group (outwith the open event), qualifying age being that at the date of the first event in each Grand Prix.
  3. Your club vest must be worn in Grand Prix events otherwise no points will be awarded. Points will also not be awarded to any member who runs a Grand Prix event with a dog.
  4. The Summer and Hill Running Grands Prix will be held during a single calendar year and the Winter Grand Prix will cover the cross country activity season, normally autumn to spring.
  5. The events to be included in each Grand Prix will be decided by the Committee from guidance provided by the respective Team Captains.
  6. There will be a range of distances and standards of competition in each series that provides a balance of local and national events that will aim at encouraging participation by all ability levels. Due recognition should be given to national events series where appropriate e.g. Scottish Hill Running Championship, East District and National Cross Country Championship and Scottish Athletics Road Running Championship events.
  7. The Summer and Winter Grands Prix will consist of 11 events, with the best 6 scoring events qualifying for the competition for any individual. The Hill Running Grand Prix consists of 13 events, with the best 7 scoring events qualifying. The person with the highest number of points in the open competition and each age group category will be the winner. To qualify for an award, an individual must take part in a minimum of 6 events in the Summer and Winter Grand Prix and 7 events in the Hill Running Grand Prix.
  8. Scoring in each event will not be age group based, but on a single finish list and will be 50 points for 1st home, 49 for 2nd, 48 for 3rd etc with all competitors scoring at least 1 point for completing an event.
  9. There shall be Awards in each Grand Prix for the first three places in the following age group categories: -
    Female Open Female (any age), Female 40 to 49, Female 50+
    Male Open Male (any age), Male 40 to 49, Male 50 to 59, Male 60 to 69, Male 70+
    The Open class will be awarded to the first three in the overall table irrelevant of age group, thereafter the awards will be determined by age group. No person may receive more than one award in any single Grand Prix.
  10. An award will be made to every individual who takes part in the full number of counting events in any of the Grand Prix, e.g. 7 for Hill, 6 for Summer and Winter. Each Grand Prix will count for a separate award.
  11. Awards may also be made to the Most Improved Hill Runner of the year (the George Murdoch trophy) and a Marathon Award may be presented to the club member who has shown most commitment/success/endurance in races of marathon distance and beyond.

Updated on 07/01/2014