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Carnegie Harriers 2022/23 Road Grand Prix

Carnegie Harriers 2022/23 Road Grand Prix

Carnegie Harriers Road Grand Prix 2022-23

Race List


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Please read the following in conjunction with the Carnegie Harriers Award Guidelines 2022/23.


The purpose of the Grand Prix is to encourage members to improve their running in some friendly competition, and perhaps try some different races, or even terrain. Participation in the Grand Prix is meant to be fun and is purely optional. We hope that outings to the races will be social events with members getting together to car share and possibly going for coffee and something to eat before or after and we encourage members to use the Carnegie Harriers Members Group on Facebook to share their plans.

We do hope you will make the effort to take part in at least some of the chosen events over the coming 12 months and we look forward to seeing you at them. Do not be put off by the thought of district or national events, they are no different from other races and runners of all abilities take part.

Selection of Events

See above for the list of races in the 2022/23 Road Grand Prix series.

The list is provisional at this time until we receive confirmation that the events listed are proceeding and full information is available. Should an event not proceed, or be no longer considered viable for the Grand Prix (for example due to a change of date), an equivalent alternative will be sought and substituted. Updates will be sent via email but further information will also be available on the website (

In selecting these events we have tried to ensure there is something to suit most members and, as far as possible, to spread them throughout the year. We have incorporated a variety of distances (from 1 mile to half marathon), races organised by local clubs as well as those incorporating district or national championships. The majority are fairly local, the furthest afield being Dundee which is still within easy travelling distance. Some races are new to the club, whilst others are tried and tested favourites.

In summary we have 13 listed events:

  • 3 races of 5k or less;
  • 6 events of more than 5k, and up to and including 10k;
  • 4 events of more than 10k.

Marathon Option

We’re aware many of our members run at least one marathon in the year so there is an option to nominate a marathon result. There still appears to be a bit of confusion about the nomination of a marathon event to count towards a member’s GP points. This is how it works. If you run an organised marathon, it can count as one of your seven qualifying events for the GP. However, it will not be done automatically. You must ask for your time to be recorded for GP purposes. At the end of the year, all reported marathon times will be listed in order from fastest to slowest and points awarded accordingly.

Please do not hesitate to contact any members of the committee if you have any queries or feedback regarding the 2022/23 Road Grand Prix. Remember it’s your best 7 events to count.



  1. The Road Grand Prix will be open to all members, regardless of ability.
  2. The Road Grand Prix will be held over the year 1st April 2022 to 31st March 2023.
  3. The Road Grand Prix will comprise a range of distances and standards of competition and a balance of local and national events.
  4. The events to be included in the Road Grand Prix Series will be decided by the Committee.
  5. The Road GP will consist of 13 specified races, with the best seven scoring events to count. In the event of any race not proceeding, or no longer considered viable for the Grand Prix (for example due to a change of date), a suitable alternative will be sought and substituted.

Club members will also have the option of nominating a marathon result as one of their seven counting events. Members should provide details of their marathon race and time. At the end of the GP year (i.e. 31st March 2023), all marathon times will be ranked in order, based on time, and points awarded as normal.

  1. Points will be awarded on the basis on which members finish in an event, by gender but irrespective of age, as follows: 50 points for 1st home, 49 for 2nd, 48 for 3rd with all competitors scoring at least 1 point for completing an event. The order of finishers will be as they appear in the official race results, usually this will be gun time. However, in the case of marathons, results will be ranked in order of chip time.
  2. Points will not be awarded to any member who starts an event but does not complete it. Similarly, an unfinished event will not qualify as a counting event.
  3. Prizes will be awarded to the first three overall placed women and men in the points table irrespective of age group. Prizes will also be awarded to the first three in each of the following age group categories, subject to members having completed the required minimum number of events:

Women: Senior (under 40); 40 to 49; 50 to 59; 60 to 69; 70 and over.

Men:      Senior (under 40); 40 to 49; 50 to 59; 60 to 69; 70 to 79; 80 and over.

  1. Qualifying age will be a member’s age as at 1st April 2022.
  2. No member may receive more than one award in any single Grand Prix series.
  3. Club vests must be worn in Grand Prix events otherwise no points will be awarded.

N.B. Although club vests must be worn, members should wear clothing (under or over their vests) appropriate to the conditions.

  1. Points will not be awarded to any member who runs a Grand Prix event with a dog.
  2. An award will be made to every member who completes the minimum number of seven counting events in the Grand Prix series.