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Club Training

Tuesdays @ 17:45 & 18:30 Thursdays @ 18:30

February 2018 Training

Session Aims

The aim of February training is to continue building endurance – through improved lactate threshold via tempo runs, and build aerobic capacity (VO2max) with 2-3 minute intervals.

We’ll start off with VO2max intervals on the Pitreavie Industrial Estate loop for three weeks before moving up to Sandpiper Drive for the final session of the month.

The venue for the tempo sessions will remain the loop along Lapwing Drive, Aberdour Road past Masterton School etc.

Tuesday Sessions

VO2 max intervals are undoubtedly the hardest type of quality training (in Paul’s opinion!) so if you’re feeling exhausted after the sessions that’s to be expected – but, remember to try not to overdo your pace and run anaerobically. It’s impossible to keep that level of pace going over the suggested number of intervals for a total of 15-25 minutes effort. For those who use HR monitors, by the time you’re well into the session, your HR may well be around 95% of max.

Note also that we’re suggesting slightly longer recoveries for the 700m loop, given the increase in number of reps. We’d welcome your feedback on this – is it too easy or sensible?

Tuesday session start times will be 6:05 pm and 6:50 pm. For the sessions in Pitreavie Industrial Estate, please meet at the Pitreavie Sport and Soccer Centre at 5.45 pm or 6.30 pm for the warm up run over to the starting point.

For the final session we are heading back up to Duloch to Sandpiper Drive. The sessions start at the roundabout where Tirran Drive enters Sandpiper Drive. We then run up Sandpiper Drive past the Amazon Depot towards Fife Leisure Park, and back down again. There is limited on street parking on Tirran Drive if you want to go direct to the session starting point but make sure you allow enough time for a warm-up before the session proper starts at 6:05 pm or 6:50 pm.

If you are planning to run up from the Pitreavie Sport and Soccer Centre, please note the distance is approximately 2.2 miles so make sure you allow plenty of time to get there.

Thursday Sessions

The aim of tempo runs is to maintain a ‘comfortably hard’ pace at a steady heart rate close to your lactate threshold which is quite challenging on the loop in question due to its hilly nature. A heart rate (HR) monitor can be useful to prevent running the uphill sections too hard and downhills too easy. Target HR for threshold running is 88-92% of max. As for pace, we recommend tempo runs are conducted at Daniels ‘Threshold Pace’ as per VDOT method:

For the longer runs, pace should be a little slower as described in the charts. I am aware that other running resources such as Strava use the term ‘tempo’ to mean a pace slightly slower than lactate threshold. To an extent this is catered for in Daniels charts for the runs longer than 20mins.

Session start time will be 6:50 pm. If you are planning to run up from the Pitreavie Sports and Soccer Centre, meet at 6.30 pm and allow at least 15 mins to get to the venue.

Alternatively meet at the session start point, at the corner of Fergusson Road and Lapwing Drive, at 6:50 pm already warmed up (for at least 10 minutes) and ready to run.

Training Sub-Group

A reminder that there’s the training sub-group consisting of the following individuals:

· Barry Davie

· Kevin Davie

· Lesley Halstead

· Paul Kieran

· Val Macaulay

· Jonathan Millar

If you have questions or feedback regarding any of the sessions, please contact Paul Kieran or Val Macaulay, or speak with one of the sub-group or general committee who will pass them on.