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Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 18:30

March/April 2020 Training

Carnegie Harriers Training – MARCH/APRIL 2020

General Information

All our training schedules are aimed at creating long-term physical changes in the body, referred to as adaptations. Key among this is the principle of overload, where the body is pushed beyond its normal rhythm. Overloading should be gradual and done over a training period to avoid a plateau or causing injury. Remember, overload and overtraining are very different. Overtraining syndrome is a condition that occurs when the body is pushed (through exercise) beyond its natural ability to recover. It is not to be confused with tiredness, which is to be expected whenever you are engaged in a comprehensive workout regime.

With the lighter nights in April, we will be looking to do an off-road alternative of the session, depending on coach availability. Details will be available nearer the time.


Our tempo and long hill sessions have now concluded, and you should be feeling stronger and able to maintain a consistent tempo pace. Building on this, we will be doing tempo paced negative split cruise intervals throughout March. These sessions allow you to practice running the second part of a race at a faster pace than the first given that, largely, PBs, records etc. take place when a negative split has been run. In April we will be doing shorter intervals at a faster pace, paving the way for the race season ahead. Look out for plenty of racing opportunities in April, with 5 GP events.


The distance of our Thursday intervals will decrease while intensity increases in both March and April. The first 3 mile time trial of 2020 will also take place.

Session Timings

Please meet at Pitreavie by 6.25pm to run as a group at 6.30pm to the training venue. If you are going directly to the venue, please aim to be there ready to start for 6.50pm. A dynamic warmup will take place prior to the start of the session. This aim of this is to warm up the muscles to their working temperature, stretching them and helping to improve their function. This also helps to reduce the risk of injury or imbalance. Remember also to cool down following the session with a slow jog.

Remember to reduce the intensity or number of repetitions if you are returning from illness or injury or if your pace starts to drop off.

Training Feedback
The club’s training group comprises:
Lesley Reynolds (Lead)
Val Macaulay
Neil Anderson
Gordon Barrie

If you have any comments or feedback on training, please speak to a member of the training group or email [email protected] and this will be passed on to the group.