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Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 18:30

August 2018 Training

Session Timings

The official start time for all our training sessions is 6.30 pm. We allow 20 minutes for a warm-up before the training sessions proper begin at 6.50 pm.

When we are training at Pitreavie, ideally, we would like members to be there at 6.30 pm so that we can warm-up as a group. It’s also more sociable as it gives us a chance to catch up before and after the training.

When we are training at other venues, such at Duloch Park, Pittencrieff Park, the Public Park, the town centre or at the tempo loop etc., it takes approximately 20 minutes to run from Pitreavie to these locations. However, for ease, many members prefer to go directly to these venues. If you choose to do so, please ensure that you do warm up adequately, either by running to the venue or arriving in sufficient time for a warm up.

In summary, meet at Pitreavie by 6.30 pm to run to the venue, or aim to arrive at the venue, properly warmed up by no later than 6.50 pm.

Regardless of what you do, please make every effort to be there promptly so that we can get the sessions underway on time.

Please note that as per July, we will only be holding one training session on a Tuesday evening at 6.30 pm. This is to take account of the fact that attendance levels tend to be lower during the month due to school holidays and mid-week races.

Session Aims

August continues the theme of summer race sharpening with speed sessions on Thursdays. We will also be working on strength training with hill reps on Tuesdays.

We will utilise the three main types of ‘quality’ training this month:

  • VO2 max: aerobic capacity, roughly 5k race pace.
  • Tempo/Threshold: for building & maintaining endurance, roughly 10k pace.
  • Strength: hill work being the most running-specific type of strength training.

If you prefer you can check the Daniels calculator below; and train with the appropriate paces which may be quicker than you have been doing earlier in the year.

Please make every attempt to warm up adequately for sessions, particularly for shorter intervals. A warm up jog will not be enough to prepare the large muscle groups recruited for these sessions. A serious of dynamic movements will make the body more prepared and reduce the risk of injury.

Similarly, please take time afterwards to cool down with a nice easy jog and some gentle stretching both of which will help reduce injury risk and muscle soreness.

Please also remember that the number of repetitions and the pace at which they are to be run are for guidance only. If you are tapering before, or recovering after, a big race, or returning from illness/injury or just had a really bad day, you can reduce the number of repetitions, or the pace, or both. You should aim to maintain pace throughout the session but once your pace starts to drop off, you will no longer get a benefit from the session. Listen to your body and adjust accordingly.

Tuesday Sessions

Tuesdays will mark a return to the Public Park where we will be focussing on hill training using the grass if it’s dry enough. If it’s too wet we will have an alternative route on the path network. These sessions will benefit all and will be particularly beneficial for those targeting an autumn marathon or half marathon where strength is key, and as early preparation for the cross country season. There will also be an opportunity to focus on downhill running technique.

Please note there will be no club session on Tuesday 7th August as this is the date for the Graham Clark Memorial Race at Knockhill.

Thursday Sessions

Thursday’s will continue with speed sessions at either 5k or 10k pace (or VO2max/ Threshold) at Pittencrieff Park (The Glen). If you are travelling straight to the Glen, please allow plenty of time for a warm up. The session will start at 6.50pm.

On Thursdays we hope again to offer an alternative to the speed interval sessions. Details are still being finalised for these. Please keep an eye on Facebook for further information.

Training Feedback

The club’s training group comprises:

Lesley Halstead (Lead)

Kevin Davie

Val Macaulay

Jonathan Millar

Colin Reynolds

Chris Stephenson

We believe the group contains a representative cross-section of the abilities and running interests in the club. If you have any comments or feedback on training, please send an email to [email protected] and they will be passed on to the group.