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Club Virtual Challenge

The club has organised a series of events over the coming months to provide some focus to your training and enable a bit of friendly competition. The series comprises a number of time trials over 3 and 5 miles alternating with runs over set routes. The set routes take in sections of races from yesteryear in the Dunfermline area, a number of which were hosted by Carnegie, including the Auld Toun 10K, Pattiesmuir 6, and the Dunfermline Half Marathon.

Each challenge is to be carried out within a set time period, starting on a Monday morning and finishing by the following Sunday evening. Here is the list of events and dates – reminders will be included in the weekly updates, on Facebook and on the website.

Event NoEvent Details Week BeginningResults Recorded ByRouteStart PointGoogle MapResults
13 mile time trial - route of your choice 2020-06-01 2020-06-14 N/A Any RouteEvent 1 Results
2Pattiesmuir 5 (trail)2020-06-15 2020-06-21 Pattiesmuir 5 Race RouteStart PointEvent 2 Results
35 mile time trial - route of your choice2020-06-22 2020-06-28N/A Any RouteEvent 3 Results
4Auld Toon 10k2020-06-29 2020-07-05 Auld Toon 10k Strava Route

Auld Toon 10k route description
Google Map Start PointEvent 4 Results
53 mile time trial - route of your choice2020-07-06 2020-07-12 N/A Any RouteEvent 5 Results
6Forth Road Bridge 10k2020-07-13 2020-07-19 To Follow...Event 6 Results
75 mile time trial - route of your choice2020-07-202020-07-26 N/A Any RouteEvent 7 Results
8Festive Forest 72020-07-272020-08-02 Festive Forest Route DescriptionStart PointEvent 8 Results
93 mile time trial - route of your choice2020-08-03 2020-08-09 N/A Any RouteEvent 9 Results
10Dunfermline half marathon2020-08-10 2020-08-16Dunfermline Half Race RouteEvent 10 Results
115 mile time trial - route of your choice 2020-08-172020-08-23N/A Any RouteEvent 11 Results
12Pattiesmuir 5 (trail)2020-08-242020-08-30Pattiesmuir 5 Race RouteStart PointEvent 12 Results
133 mile time trial - route of your choice2020-08-31 2020-09-06N/A Any RouteEvent 13 Results
14Auld Toon 10k2020-09-07 2020-09-13 Auld Toon 10k route descriptionGoogle Map Start PointEvent 14 Results
155 mile time trial - route of your choice2020-09-142020-09-20N/A Any RouteEvent 15 Results
16Forth Road Bridge 10k2020-09-212020-09-27 To Follow...Event 16 Results
173 mile time trial - route of your choice2020-09-282020-10-04 N/A Any RouteEvent 17 Results
18Festive Forest 72020-10-052020-10-11To Follow...Event 18 Results
195 mile time trial - route of your choice2020-10-12 2020-10-18 N/A Any RouteEvent 19 Results
20Dunfermline half marathon2020-10-192020-10-25To Follow...Event 20 Results

The series will incorporate a modified Grand Prix to satisfy your inner competitive monsters. Both your actual time and your WAVA score will be recorded. A full set of GP rules will be issued under separate cover shortly. For now we can let you know that to qualify you will need to complete one 3 mile and one 5 mile time trial and two different events from the list of set routes.

The repetition of the events is also a good way to assess your progress over the summer months.

As these events are being sponsored by the club, we need to adopt good practice and take reasonable steps to ensure the well-being of club members during this time. The following guidance is based on current government guidelines and scottishathletics rules and guidance for their virtual events. It will be reviewed and updated from time to time as appropriate.

Time Trial Routes

For the 3 and 5 mile time trials you should choose your own route as follows:

  • Start and finish in approximately the same place;
  • No point 2 point runs;
  • No laps less than 1k;
  • No net loss in elevation.

It is important that you continue to adhere to current social distancing guidelines. Therefore:

  • Runs should be completed solo;
  • Avoid popular running/walking routes or busy parks;
  • Be considerate to other people by keeping a 2m (minimum) distance at all times when passing;
  • Avoid as far as possible driving somewhere to run or keep to within 5 miles of home.

When planning your route we also recommend you carry out a risk assessment to include:

  • condition of paths and trails – avoid areas in a poor state of repair;
  • width of paths and trails for respecting 2m (minimum) social distancing guidelines;
  • time of run, to consider peak times of use – avoid, if possible, popular times such as
    lunchtime and early evening;
  • if running at night, consider lighting of route and wear suitable clothing;
  • consideration of local residents and businesses that require access and use of areas along the route;
  • expected weather conditions and the impact this may have on your route or your own safety.

Set Routes

We will issue maps and information on each route shortly before the challenge is due to take place. Whilst there are still guidelines restricting the distance you should travel to take exercise (currently around 5 miles), members who live further afield can substitute an equivalent run (for example, for the Pattiesmuir event, this should be along a mixture of roads and farm tracks).

Completing your Challenge and Recording Results

You should run each event during its specified week and submit details of your run by the Sunday of that week. Just click on this link to fill in your information – you will need your WAVA score which can be worked out here.