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Hill, XC/Trail Winter Club Challenge

Race List

2020 CH Hill, XC/Trail Winter GP

Race No.ActivityRaceRace Date Virtual Events DatesMapApproximate Distance/ElevationResults
1Hill RaceEast Lomond (Short)2020-10-3128 Oct to 8th NovEast Lomand Map3.65 Miles
2258 Feet Elevation
East Lomond Results
2Trail racePreston Island2020-11-0727Oct to 8th NovPreston Island Map3.5 Miles (approx)Preston Island Results
3Cross Country raceRosyth Halt/Battle of Inverkeithing2020-11-14 1st Nov to 15th Nov5 Miles (approx)Battle of Inverkeithing Results
4Hill RaceEast and West Lomond (Medium)2020-11-218th Nov to 22nd NovEast and West Lomond Map7 Miles
1450 Feet Elevation
East and West Lomond Results
5Trail RaceBalgownie Woods2020-11-2815th Nov to 29th NovBalgownie Race Details4 MilesBalgownie Trail Results
Hill RaceBishop Hill (Short)
POSTPONED22nd Nov to 6th Dec2.22 Miles
860 Feet Elevation
7Cross Country raceRosyth Halt/Battle of Inverkeithing2020-12-1229th Nov to 13th Dec5 Miles (approx)Battle of Inverkeithing Results
8Trail RaceFestive forest 2020-12-196th Dec to 20th Dec7 MilesFestive Forest Race Results
9Hill RaceDumyat Hill (Short)
1000-1500ft Elevation Route TBC
Social run 2021-01-02
Hill RaceEast Lomond (Short)VIRTUAL ONLY21st Dec to 31st JanEast Lomond Map3.65 Miles
2258 Feet Elevation
East Lomond Results
11Cross Country raceRosyth Halt/Battle of Inverkeithing
VIRTUAL ONLY27th Dec to 31st Jan5 Miles (approx)
12Hill RaceEast Lomond (Short) CANCELLEDCANCELLEDCANCELLED3.65 Miles
2258 Feet Elevation
13Trail RaceLoch fitty and Walnut Whip
VIRTUAL ONLY10th Jan to 31st JanLoch Fitty Race Details5 Miles
14Hill RaceEast and West Lomond (Medium)
2021-01-3017th Jan to 31st Jan7 Miles
1450 Feet Elevation
15Cross Country raceRosyth Halt/Battle of Inverkeithing
2021-02-0624th Jan to 7th Feb5 Miles (approx)
16Hill RaceBishop Hill (Short)
2020-02-1331st Jan to 14th Feb2.22 Miles
860 Feet Elevation
17Trail RaceDevilla
2021-02-207th Feb to 21st Feb7 Miles (approx)
18Hill RaceDumyat Hill (Short)
2021-02-2714th Feb to 28th Feb4-5 Miles
1000-1500ft Elevation Route TBC
19Cross Country raceRosyth Halt/Battle of Inverkeithing2021-03-06 21st Feb to 7th Mar5 Miles (approx)
20Trail RaceTownhill or Balgownie2021-03-20 7th Mar to 21st Mar5 Miles (approx)
21Hill RaceNorman's Law2021-03-27 14th Mar to 28th Mar4.52 Miles
900 Feet Elevation
22Cross Country raceRosyth Halt/Battle of Inverkeithing2021-04-0321st Mar to 4th Apr5 Miles (approx)

Rules and Protocols

Winter Grand Prix

CH winter events will follow Scottish Athletics off road event guidance.

Race bubbles of up to 30 may be formed under SA guidance.

It is proposed that we have an off road (trail and cross country) winter GP and a hill GP.   Both winter GPs will run till spring 2021.

The hill GP will include the 3 races held in Q1 2020 – Callender Crags, Feel the Burn and Carnethy 5.

Race bubbles will be formed in both winter GPs.  Generally members will remain in the bubble assigned for the duration of the winter GP but may be re-assigned if required by bubble coordinator whose decision is final.  Bubbles will be pace based.

Events will be run at an agreed time over a weekend.  If a member cannot run the event then, they may run it at a time of their convenience and submit their results via a google form.  Outwith the organised bubble event, runners are responsible for adhering to Scottish Government restrictions and must be Covid compliant.

Events can be done as training runs within training bubbles but bubble leads should ensure that this does not clash with any other training bubble.  Training bubbles are limited to 15 max while event bubbles can be up to 30.

A runner may choose to run each event as a virtual run, not as part of a race or training bubble.  Runs must take place during the fortnight preceding the scheduled event weekend and results must be submitted by Google form by the published deadline.

For example.  A runner wishing to run the 2nd cross country event, can run it at any time between   29th November and 13th December.

Sign up to winter GPs

Runners will be asked to express an interest in taking part in the winter GPs, by completing this form, and will be allocated a race number to use throughout the winter series.  Runners will be asked to indicate which events they would like to take part in – hill,  trail and cross country or both.

You don’t have to run each event but it will greatly simplify allocating racing bubbles if we know from the start who is interested.  Hill GP sign up deadline is 28th October and the off road sign up deadline is 4th November.  You will be asked on sign up if you wish to be placed in a race bubble or if you intend to run each event ‘virtually’.

The same number will be used for each event in the trail & cross country GP.  If you lose the number you are given, or it disintegrates in winter weather, please get the felt pens out and replicate it.  Make sure any number is large, dark, at least 4” tall and easily read from a distance.  (The intent of this is to minimise contact between runners and race volunteers).

Runners will be asked to confirm mid week their intention to take part in a scheduled weekend event.  This will allow us to confirm race bubbles and timings.

Runners will be required to complete a symptoms form on the day of the event, and a track and trace form will be completed by the event coordinator.


At the event

In off road events, bubble members don’t have to social distance during specified warm up, cooldown and event periods.  At all other times, social distance etc must be maintained.

Cross country events will be timetabled for each bubble and each bubble must clear the course before the next bubble enters.

Bubble waves will also be timetabled for trail and hill events with sufficient time between bubbles that faster runners from a subsequent bubble do not overtake back markers in an earlier bubble.

If runner need to overtake or pass in a race, the following protocols should be followed

  • Priority is given to the runner running downhill. Runners going uphill should make space if required.  Both should turn their face away when passing.
  • In other passing situations, the slower runner should cede to the faster runner. Both should turn their face away when passing.
  • Unless specifically advised otherwise, runner should run on the left of the path/track.
  • Runners should be mindful of the public when racing and should avoid passing too close.

Runners on hill races should carry compass, whistle, foil blanket, full body cover and any other kit advised by race coordinator or bubble organiser.   Runners should carry a fully charged mobile phone and where possible download the ‘what 3 words’ app to it.

Tents/shelters are to be used for storing clothes only rather than as shelter for a bubble of runners.  Ideally runners should arrive at venue ready to run.    No toilet provision is available at any winter GP event.

Race volunteer bubbles

Officials – starting and finishing volunteers will form officiating bubbles.  PPE as specified in risk assessment should be provided/used.  Start and finish volunteers will maintain social distance of 2m.

Finish officials will record positions and times of day and race times will be calculated after the event.  Any individual running solo should provide their own time and a public Garmin or Strava link to verify this.   As a backup, it would be helpful if each runner noted their own event time too.

Course marshals will normally be in isolated locations but should maintain social distancing before and after their marshalling duties.

Race Routes

Maps to be made available for each trail or cross country route 2-3 weeks in advance to allow recces.

Event routes to be marked out in a low key way using yellow race signs on day of event only.  Hill routes are not usually marked as runners are expected to use navigation and route descriptions.

Individual runners must be navigationally self-sufficient.

Hill runs will follow race routes as described on Scottish Hill Racing website.  Runners should familiarise themselves with the route in advance as the course will not be marked.

First aid

Each event will have a designated first aider.  CH will provide first aid kit and masks/gloves for first aiders.  Where possible, runners should tend to their own first aid needs.


General public/ land owners – events to be run as low key events under right to roam access rules, using core paths.  Car parking may restrict bubble numbers in some events to avoid causing inconvenience.     Runners should be prepared to run 1-2 miles from car parks to reach the event location.

Race Cancellation

If an event needs to be cancelled due to Covid restrictions or adverse weather, both the website and  Facebook page will be updated.

Any runner signing up to the GPs will be added to a WhatsApp or Messenger group and that will be used to communicate any last minute changes or cancellations.