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Trustees 2023 Role Descriptions


The Trustee Board normally meets on the first Tuesday of every month from approximately 8.00 pm to 9.30 pm.  Face to face meetings are generally scheduled with Zoom offered as an alternative.  Trustees are expected to attend the majority of meetings and to take an active part in discussions and decision making processes.  It is hoped that trustees will also help out at some club events to share the workload.

It is beneficial for trustees to attend at least some training nights as it gives them an opportunity to meet and mix with members and to get a feel for any issues and concerns and to seek opinions and ideas.

Below is a brief description of the main duties and responsibilities of the various positions on the trustee board.  The list of duties is not exhaustive and will be added to over time.

In recognition of increase in work associated with a growing membership, a range of additional roles have been identified to reduce the list of duties previously undertaken by the General Secretary and to give other members of the trustee board an opportunity to get more involved in the day to day running of the club.


Club President

  • Chairs trustee board meetings, Annual General Meeting (AGM) and any Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM).
  • Sets agendas for meetings.
  • Provides direction for club activities
  • Represents the club as and when required.
  • May be a signatory on club bank account.
  • Ensures regular review of club Constitution, Policies and any other relevant documents.

General Secretary (incorporating Minute and Membership Secretary)

  • Maintains register of current club members
  • Liaises with Club President with production of agendas for meetings and associated paperwork, and distribution thereof.
  • Deals with all correspondence on behalf of club to/from:
    • Scottish Athletics, including race permits & annual returns
    • OSCR
    • London Marathon for club places
    • Other running clubs to promote races/club events
    • Members
    • Any other general enquiries received
  • Chairs trustee board meetings in absence of Club President
  • May be a signatory on club bank account.
  • Receives nominations for candidates for trustee board for election at AGM.
  • Ensures timely communication of key information to club members


  • Maintains proper books of accounts
  • Is a signatory on club bank account
  • Produces monthly financial updates for trustee board meetings
  • Responsible for timely banking of income received and payment of invoices etc.
  • Produces annual accounts for audit and trustee approval prior to the AGM.

Child Protection and Welfare Officer

  • Acts as a first port of call in cases of concern about athlete welfare
  • Liaises appropriately with other key persons, including parents/carers, officials, coaches and sports scientists, to ensure that good practice is followed in maintaining athletes’ welfare
  • Carries out the duty of care within relevant legislation and government guidance
  • Ensures that club officials and volunteers always act responsibly and set an example to younger members

Men’s/Women’s/Hill Running Captains

  • Ensure timely entry of teams/individuals for Championship and team events.
  • Compile teams for key events.
  • Provide guidance on selection of grand prix events.
  • Provide guidance of members’ performances for special awards
  • Provide reports to trustee board on request

All Trustees

  • Maintain regular attendance at trustee board meetings
  • Provide support and guidance to other office bearers and club members.
  • Ensure compliance with club constitution, policies and other relevant documents.
  • Assist in setting direction of the club.
  • Assist with the organisation of club events
  • Act as ambassadors for the club and set example for other members
  • Represent views of members at trustee board meetings
  • Ensure all those attending club training made to feel welcome and valued.

ADDITIONAL ROLES which may be carried out by trustees

Minute Secretary

  • Takes minutes at trustee board meetings, AGM and any EGM.
  • Produces typed minutes and distributes to trustees for comment.
  • Takes register of attendees at AGM and any EGM.

Membership Secretary

  • Manages membership enquiries, sharing information on club training, and supporting prospective members through a trial period (typically a month)
  • Ensures session leaders are aware of new members or prospective members so that they can be welcomed to club training
  • Processes all membership applications and issues membership pack
  • Maintains up to date register of all club members
  • Ensures all data bases, e-mail lists etc are kept up to date
  • Provides key office bearers with details of new members  and changes to existing members’ details.
  • Reviews and updates content of membership pack, after agreement by trustee board.

Results Co-ordinator

  • On weekly basis collates members’ results from information sent in by members and from internet.
  • Arranges for website, GP and ARC tables to be updated.
  • Provides summary for weekly bulletin, press releases etc.
  • Collates summary of performances to facilitate trustee board decisions on special awards. (This could be done by captains)

Communications Officer

  • Collates and issues weekly bulletin to members.
  • Liaises with local papers for insertion of members’ results and race reports.
  • Provides information to update website.
  • Promotes members’ race results and achievements on social media and club website
  • Provides guidance on format and presentation of club communications.

Awards Co-ordinator

  • Maintains a register of club trophies and current holders.
  • Arranges for trophies to be engraved and returned in advance of prize giving ceremonies.
  • Assists with organisation of prize giving ceremonies and ordering of trophies etc.

Clothing Secretary

  • Ensures club vests are easily accessible for purchase by members
  • Ensures new members are given a club buff in a timely manner
  • Maintains accurate record of all clothing stock and track sales trends.
  • Actively promotes clothing sales to members and ensures timely transfer of income to Treasurer.
  • Advises trustee board when stock levels running low.
  • Investigates sources and costs for new items.