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Club Bulletin 26th June 2023

Graham Clark Memorial Race – Tuesday 15th August

We’ll shortly be sending out an email regarding arrangements and seeking volunteers for the event.

Warm Welcome

Please give a warm welcome to Michelle McNiven and Sharon Drummond.

Training this week:

Tuesday June 27 (led by Lesley): Pittencrieff Park (aka The Glen). Meet at Glen Pavilion. Park in the city’s car parks or around Limekilns Road.

7 min @ tempo, 5 min easy, 2 x 3 min @ 10k pace (1 min recovery), 2 x 45 @ 5k pace (30 sec recovery).

Thursday June 29 (led by Lesley):  Pittencrieff Park (aka The Glen). Meet at the bottom of the hill.  Park in the city’s car parks or around Limekilns Road.

Hills – 15 sec uphill sprint, 20 sec downhill recovery, 60 sec uphill hard effort with 2 min recoveries x 6 – 8.

There will also be a Return to Running Group on Thursday.

All training starts at 18:30 from the session meeting place with a warm-up, a dynamic warm up at 18:45 and the session proper 18:50.  If you can’t make the 18:30 warm up, don’t forget to do a good warm up before the dynamic warmup, and a cool down afterwards.

2023-24 GP – Upcoming Events

Details of all GP events can be found here. on the website and will be updated as and when further information is known. The GP and ARC results can also be found here on the website.

Race Results

We will automatically report the results of GP races. However, if you have taken part in other events, please let us know by sending your results to: [email protected]

Race Reports

Race reports can be found here. If you’ve run a race and would like to tell club members about it – the highs and the lows – please send reports and photos to [email protected]

Sportsshoes Discount

The discount code for June, valid until 3rd July is ADWGW4.  This code gets you 10% off the whole range on orders over £50 and free standard shipping (normally £4.99) on all orders.  Don’t forget to shop around to get the best deal!

Upcoming Races

We regularly get requests from other running clubs and organisations to promote their events. Here is a selection of races which may be of interest to members.

Sunday 30th July – Donkey Brae race: entries open here: Donkey Brae Races – EntryCentral

Sunday 30th July – Hartfell Horsehoe Hill Race: info and entries here:

Sunday 20th August – Cambus Quarter mixed-terrain race: entries open here:

Sunday 27th August – Kirkcaldy Parks Half Marathon, incorporating East District Half Marathon Championships – enter here: There’s also a 5-mile trail race on Saturday 26th August.

Recent Race Results

Saturday 17th June – Cornalees Hill Race (8k), Greenock

26th      Phil Smithard              00:58:06

Thursday 22nd June – Milnathort Dash

29th      Alan Murray                00:34:16

37th      Jonathan Millar          00:35:27

55th      John Hynd                   00:37:18

102nd   Gail Murdoch              00:42:58

Saturday 24th June – Sunset Half Marathon

Jane Macleod             02:26:53          1st F70

Natalie Wilson            02:31:31

The following members also achieved the half marathon distance:

Kevin Spowart            01:49:31

Kathryn Fairfield         02:02:51

Sarah Wellcoat           02:07:16

Sunday 25th June – Benarty Gala Trail Race (GP Event 6)

4th        Barry Davie                 00:31:40          1st M40

5th        Jamie Harte                00:32:00

7th        Steven King                 00:33:32          1st M50

14th      Jonathan Millar          00:35:10

15th      Alan Murray                00:35:17

22nd     Alistair Nelson            00:36:34

23rd      Nils Krichel                  00:36:51

25th      Kenny Fairfield           00:37:35

29th      Graham Wilde            00:38:12

34th      John Hynd                   00:38:25

35th      Gordon Henderson    00:38:33

43rd      Joy Gudgin                  00:40:33          1st F60

44th      Alison Murray             00:40:40

48th      Brian Miller                 00:41:06

52nd     Andy Spence               00:41:34

55th      Isobel Burnett             00:42:02

56th      Stuart King                  00:42:07

57th      Craig Arnott                00:42:11

64th      Steven Barrie              00:43:45

66th      Clara Kay                     00:43:57

67th      Gail Murdoch              00:44:30          1st F50

72nd     Paul Kelly                    00:45:06

76th      Karen Forsyth             00:45:47

80th      Zuleika Brett               00:46:37

81st      Frances Beattie           00:47:47

84th      Grace Jamieson          00:49:22

88th      Kerry Hunter               00:50:53

90th      Jane Macleod             00:51:14          1st F70

94th      Kath McCrorie            00:51:34

95th      Gail Beveridge            00:51:34

101st    Graeme Stirling          00:53:50

109th    Ailsa Campbell            00:55:43