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Club Bulletin 13th March 2023

Couch to Carnegie

Week 7 of Couch to Carnegie will be running in The Glen on Tuesday, meeting at the gate opposite Maitland Street (near the Royal Bengal restaurant), and at Leys Road car park on Thursday. More information can be found on the club website, here, as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Training this week:

Tuesday March 14: Negative Split Cruise Intervals. 2 x 7 mins @threshold pace, 2 x 7 minutes @ 5-10k pace (slightly faster than tempo pace), all with 1 minute recovery between intervals. The session will take place in Ferrytoll loop – meet here (parking area next to Dundas house) Ferrytoll loop meeting point, plenty of parking available locally out of business hours. Please park responsibly. Plotaroute map Ferrytoll loop The session will be led by Karl.

Thursday March 16: Pyramid session – 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 with 1 minute recovery between efforts. The session will take place on the Milne Road/Ferrytoll road loop in Rosyth, meeting on Milne Road, at the bottom of the lane past the Rosyth Doocot, Plenty of street parking available. Milne Road meeting place The session will be led by Nicole.

Sessions begin with a dynamic warmup at 18:45 with the session starting at 18:50. Don’t forget to do a good warm up before the dynamic warmup, and do a cool down after the session.

The Return to Running group will also be meeting at Milne Road on Thursday. The group is ideal for members wanting to ease back into training or looking for a gentler session.

If training needs to be cancelled for any reason, we will post on Facebook. If conditions are dodgy, please check before traveling to training.

Remember, if you have any symptoms of any potentially transmissible illness (not just Covid), please do not attend training.

Upcoming GP Events

2022/23 Off- Road GP

The up-to-date GP points table can be found here. The final event is:

Sun 26 Mar 2023 Event No 13: Gartmorn 6 Multi-terrain

Venue: Sauchie, 10 am start Info: Entries are open here.

2022/23 Road GP

The GP points table has been updated with the Alloa results, and GP winners will be finalised over the next few days. The GP points table can be found here.

Don’t forget, your best seven events count towards the Grand Prix, one of which can be a road marathon so remember to submit your marathon time if you want it to count.

ARC – Additional Hill Races

Two additional hill races were added to the ARC to allow members the chance to be All Rounder Competition completers. Your final chance to gain ARC points is the Birnam hill race on Saturday 1st April – for further information and entries, click here. The ARC for 2022/23 will end on 1st April 2023.

Race Results

We will automatically report the results of GP races. However, if you have taken part in other events, please let us know by sending your results to [email protected]

Sunday 5th March – Bishop Hill Race

· 35 Kevin Davie Carnegie Harriers M40 00:24:52

· 42 Neil McLure Carnegie Harriers M50 00:25:40

· 65 Ben Hopkin Carnegie Harriers M40 00:27:50

· 101 Alan Murray Carnegie Harriers M50 00:32:16

· 103 John Hynd Carnegie Harriers M60+ 00:33:07

· 113 Brian Miller Carnegie Harriers M40 00:35:26

· 118 Karen Forsyth Carnegie Harriers F 00:35:58

· 127 Phil Smithard Carnegie Harriers M60+ 00:37:50

Sunday 5th March – Union Canal Anniversary Run, Half Marathon

Niall Patterson 2:04:41

Saturday 11th March – Welcome Way 34 mile Ultra, Ottley

Ria Horne 10:47:06

Sunday 12th March – Alloa Half Marathon, Road GP event 13

· 130 Nicole Jackson 1:26:42 (1:26:37) 5th FSen

· 149 Lee Holland 1:27:47 (1:27:41)

· 246 Alan Murray 1:32:36 (1:32:02)

· 264 Nils Krichel 1:33:22 (1:32:48)

· 334 Kevin Spowart 1:36:37 (1:36:01)

· 380 John Hynd 1:38:33 (1:38:10)

· 467 Gordon Henderson 1:41:42 (1:40:28)

· 508 Andrew Waterworth 1:42:39 (1:40:52)

· 595 Allan Brannigan 1:45:23 (1:45:04)

· 630 Brian Miller 1:46:06 (1:45:30)

· 665 Isobel Burnett 1:47:08 (1:45:56)

· 691 Alison Murray 1:47:50 (1:46:36)

· 753 Sarah Wellcoat 1:49:42 (1:49:04)

· 808 Sarah Marshall 1:51:43 (1:51:06)

· 819 Gordon Somerville 1:52:06 (1:51:30)

· 893 Zuleika Brett 1:55:17 (1:54:04)

· 916 Clara Kay 1:55:51 (1:55:17)

· 1129 Emma Collins 2:02:19 (2:00:30)

· 1177 Shelley Hogg 2:04:44 (2:03:32)

· 1345 Karl Zaczek 2:13:57 (2:12:30)

· 1470 Donald Macleod 2:25:01 (2:22:32)

· 1478 Jane Macleod 2:26:36 (2:25:09)

Sunday 12th March – Inverness Half Marathon

· 211 Steven King 1:28:23

· 263 Jonathan Millar 1:31:03

Congratulations to Ross Hunter on completing 250 parkruns. Well done Ross.

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