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Club Bulletin 1st May 2023

2023 AGM

The AGM will take place on Tuesday 16th May in Pitreavie Golf Club house at 7:30pm. The AGM notification has been emailed out to all members, added to the files section of our members only Facebook page, and has also been added to the club website, here.

Please think about standing to be a trustee. It’s not too onerous and it’s a good way to be involved and help steer the direction of the club. If you’re not sure what’s involved speak to a trustee at training, or drop them a note to learn more. Current trustees are Alan Murray, Brian Miller, Sue Walker, Neil Anderson, Nicole Jackson Jonathan Millar, Sarah Wellcoat, Kathryn Fairfield, Kerry Hunter, Val Macaulay, Kieran Morgan and Alistair Nelson.

Warm Welcome

Please give a warm welcome to Lauren Beattie who joined the club this week.

Training this week:

Tuesday May 2: 5-6 of approx. 1km loop @5k pace with 90 secs recovery.  The session will take place in Pittencrieff Park (aka The Glen).  Meet by the Glen Pavilion Café  Glen Pavilion   and park in the city’s car parks.  The session will be led by Nicole.

Thursday May 4:  Progressive speed sets, 2-2-1 x 3.  2 minutes @5k pace, 2 minutes @ 3k pace, 1 minute @ mile pace (continuous) with 3 minutes recovery between sets.  The session will take place in Pittencrieff Park (aka The Glen).  Meet by the Glen Pavilion Café  Glen Pavilion   and park in the city’s car parks. The session will be led by Lesley.

The Return to Running group will also be meeting at The Glen on Thursday. The group is ideal for members wanting to ease back into training or looking for a gentler session.

If training needs to be cancelled for any reason, we will post on Facebook.

Remember, if you have any symptoms of any potentially transmissible illness (not just Covid), please do not attend training. 

2023-24 GP – Upcoming Events

Details of all 20 GP events have been emailed to all members and are on the website here.  Some events are selling out quickly so it’s worth checking when entries open for the races you’re targeting.

Details of how to download Team Stack App have been sent to all member and also uploaded to the files section of the members’ only Facebook page.

Race Results

We will automatically report the results of GP races. However, if you have taken part in other events, please let us know by sending your results to [email protected]

Daffodil Dash, Lochore, (4.5 miles approx.) Wednesday 26th April

  • 14 Steven Barrie 37:25

Ravenscraig 2 miler, Kirkcaldy, Friday 28th April

  • 15 Jonathan Millar           12:02
  • 20 Barry Davie                 12:15
  • 27 Gordon Henderson     13:14
  • 33 John Hynd                   13:39
  • 34 Gordon Pryde             13:50
  • 44 Steven Barrie              15:05

Stuc a’ Chroin Hill Race, Callander, Saturday 29th April

  • 89 Neil McLure                 3:20:12
  • 120 Lee Holland                 3:33:55

Tay Ten, Perth, Sunday 30th April, GP event no 2

  • 21 Barry Davie                 1:06:09 (1:06:09)
  • 31 Nils Krichel                  1:09:08 (1:09:07)
  • 32 Kevin Spowart            1:09:27 (1:09:26)
  • 33 Ross Hunter                1:09:36 (1:09:28)
  • 45 Kieran Morgan            1:13:10 (1:13:04)        3rd V60
  • 46 John Hynd                   1:13:40 (1:13:39)
  • 47 Gary Evans                  1:13:48 (1:13:38)
  • 49 Joy Gudgin                  1:14:03 (1:13:56)        1st V50
  • 63 Derek Hunter              1:16:54 (1:16:44)
  • 66 Isobel Burnett             1:17:17 (1:17:08)        1st V60
  • 77 Sarah Marshall           1:18:26 (1:18:18)
  • 82 Brian Miller                 1:18:49 (1:18:47)
  • 86 Stuart King                  1:19:30 (1:19:20)
  • 102 Gail Murdoch              1:22:13 (1:22:06)
  • 111 Gordon Somerville     1:23:36 (1:23:30)
  • 160 Gail Beveridge            1:32:08 (1:31:52)
  • 161 Kath McCrorie            1:32:08 (1:31:51)
  • 170 Angie Parkins              1:33:42 (1:33:24)
  • 177 Jane Macleod             1:34:25 (1:34:14)        2nd V70
  • 182 Frances Beattie           1:35:08 (1:34:57)
  • 205 Angela Sandilands      1:39:28 (1:39:18)
  • 207 Karen Hunter              1:40:26 (1:40:09)
  • 209 Donald Macleod         1:41:49 (1:41:27)

Race Reports

Race reports can be found here. If you’ve run a race and would like to tell club members about it – the highs and the lows – please send reports and photos to [email protected]

Sportsshoes Discount

The discount code for May, valid until 3rd June is WDGIN7.  Don’t forget to shop around to get the best deal!