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All Rounder Competition

By November 22, 2017November 25th, 2017Blog, Grand Prix

With the Templeton 10 Mile and Tinto Hill races now completed, the ARC table looks as if it may be the final one with only one GP event to go, the East District Cross Country Championships at Livingston on 9th December. With no-one looking solely for an XC-Trail race to qualify as an All-Rounder, there are only likely to be minor changes needed depending on the finishing order of those taking part at Livingston.

There only other counter event to be completed for 2017 is the Marathon event where the best times for each person are put into a single table and then points allocated. The points recorded to date are already in the ARC table based on marathon results advised in the Communications Bulletins during the year. SO – if you have a marathon time that has not been notified to the Club, please send it in now to: [email protected]

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