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On Tuesday 7th May, Carnegie Harriers held there annual Prize Giving for the 2018/19 Hill and Road/XC Grand Prix’s plus the All Rounders Competition. Results and images below. Well done to all last nights winners!

Hill Running Grand Prix 2018


1st Kevin Davie 349 pts
2nd Karen Forsyth 339 pts
3rd Aileen Morton 338 pts

Road/XC Grand Prix 2018/19


1st John Hynd 387 pts
2nd John Fulham 382 pts
3rd Alan Murray 371 pts

Vet 40

1st Michael Bisset 364 pts
2nd Brian Miller 350 pts

Vet 50

1st Allan Brannigan 341 pts

Completers: Andrew Spence

All Rounder Competition 2018


1st Male Kevin Davie 40 pts
2nd Male Paul Love 29 pts
1st Female Karen Forsyth 46 pts

Vet 50

1st Male John Hynd 50 pts
2nd Male Kieran Morgan 26 pts
1st Female Isobel Burnett 60 pts

Vet 60

1st Gordon Somerville 30 pts

Vet 70

1st Phil Smithard 40 pts

Marathon Award

John Hynd Stirling Marathon 2018 03:14:41