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The All-Rounder tables are now updated for all events up to the Templeton 10 and Tinto Hill Race , both on 2 November. The marathon list is made up from all those races reported and appearing in the Weekly Bulletin and points included so that current A-RC standings may be seen. The points for this ‘race’ will therefore not be final until the end of the year.

There are now 13 members who can call themselves ALL-ROUNDERS for 2019. The Hill GP events are completed and there remains just the Marathon event to finalise in the Road GP. There are 2 events yet to go in the Cross-Country GP, but there is no scope for anyone completing one of these events as their first Off-Road event to count as an All-Rounder. For others, taking part and maybe putting in a good time may alter final positions. There are 7 people who have completed events in the Off-Road and Hill GPs, so if you can fit in a marathon before the end of the year, you can still count as an ALL-ROUNDER. The marathon is a counter in the Road GP as well, remember.

NOTE – a list of those marathons included in the calculations is available on the website, so, as the Weekly Bulletin keeps reminding you, if you have taken part in any marathon not on the list, anywhere in the world – or taken part in any other event for that matter – submit your event, date and finish time to the Club Results Guru for inclusion in the Weekly Bulletin and for the Marathon in the Road GP and A-RC.

Click for Latest ARC GP Tables

Click for Latest ARC GP Tables

A slight hiccup in organisation meant that previous tables have not recognised that an F60 Age Group came into being this year, so there is some adjustment of points for the F50s and F60s. My apologies if this is bad news for some, but I do not think there is any material change. Sadly there is no F50 who counts as an ALL-ROUNDER, but if Aileen Morton can find a marathon to do………

It is pleasing to note that all 6 event categories now have more runners taking part than last year, Off-Road and Road with some significance and also, interestingly, the Medium/Long Hill races. The short Hill Race is better by just one, which is good, but could be better. Look out foir the Hill GP series in final draft as there are some Short Hill races very early in the year. This is the secret for doing well in the A-RC, getting GP races in early in the year, rather than getting stressed at year end to find counters space in your diaries.

Any queries on the A-RC, please contact Phil – [email protected] or [email protected]