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Club Bulletin 30th January 2023

Sunday 12th February – Devilla Trail Races.

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered to help: volunteer information will be sent out in a separate email. We do need a few more people to come forward to make sure all the roles are filled (especially marshals) and build in a bit of contingency in case of last-minute call-offs. Please let Allan Macaulay know if you can help out by emailing him on [email protected].

Devilla entries are still down on previous years so please do your bit to support the race by sharing social media posts about the race and by sharing the Young Hearts Run free podcast and competition links, (YHRF podcast YHRF competition Entries close on 5th Feb.

Grand Prix (GP) Survey Tomorrow, 31st January is the last chance to complete the GP survey (here) and have your say on how it should be structured.

Couch to Carnegie

This brand new initiative, led by Kathryn Fairfield has been announced. The group will meet for the first time on Tuesday 31st January. More information can be found on the club website, here, as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Training this week:

Tuesday January 31: 28-minute hill session, using the paths at both sides of the dual carriageway. The session will take place in the Public Park Dunfermline, meeting at the bandstand, Dunfermline public park meeting point, with city centre parking around Carnegie Hall and train station. The session will be led by Karl.

Thursday February 1: Progressive 400s, 8-10 x 400m, with 2 minute recoveries between. Begin at slightly slower than your 10k race pace; gradually speed up so that your last repeat is slightly faster than your 5K race pace. Meet at the bottom of Pitreavie drive in the industrial estate, by Stuart King Architecture and Design, Pitreavie Drive meeting place Park at Pitreavie Sports Centre or in the industrial estate. Plotaroute map – 400m efforts. The session will be led by Nicole.

Sessions begin with a dynamic warmup at 18:45 with the session starting at 18:50. Don’t forget to do a good warm up (e.g. 10 minutes or so gentle jogging) before the dynamic warmup, and do a cool down after the session.

The Return to Running group will also be meeting in Pitreavie Industrial Estate on Thursday. The group is ideal for members wanting to ease back into training or looking for a gentler session.

If training needs to be cancelled for any reason, we will post on Facebook. If conditions are dodgy, please check before traveling to training.

Remember, if you have any symptoms of any potentially transmissible illness (not just Covid), please do not attend training.

Upcoming GP Events 2022/23 Off- Road GP: The up-to-date GP points table can be found here and the final two events are detailed.

Sat 25 Feb 2023 Event No 12: National Cross Country Championship XC

Venue: Callendar Park, Falkirk Info: more information including the course map can be found here.

The National Cross country championship is the highlight of the cross country season and members are strongly encouraged to enter. Please contact the captains to be entered, [email protected] [email protected] or [email protected] The deadline for entries is Thursday 9th February 2023.

Sun 26 Mar 2023 Event No 13: Gartmorn 6 Multi-terrain

Venue: Sauchie Info: The race is now open for entries and can be entered here. 2022/23 Road GP: The up-to-date GP points table can be found here.

Sun 12 Mar 2023 Event 13

Alloa Half Marathon Road 9:00am start. Entries are now open and you can enter here. This is the final event in the GP.

Don’t forget, your best seven events count towards the Grand Prix, one of which can be a road marathon so remember to submit your marathon time if you want it to count.

ARC – Additional Hill Races

Two additional hill races have been added to the ARC to allow members the chance to be All Rounder Competition completers. The races are Bishop hill race on Sunday 5th March and Birnham hill race on Saturday 1st April. The ARC for 2022/23 will end on 1st April 2023. Entries for Bishop Hill Race have now opened here.

Relay Races

The Allan Scally Memorial relays (4 x 5km) take place on Saturday 4th March on Glasgow green. A personal recommendation from Sue Walker for the race (written in 2022) can be found here and entries are open here.

The Scottish Road relays take place in Livingston on March 25th and have alternate 3 and 6 mile legs. For senior men and M40, it’s a 6 stage relay, for M50, senior women and W40, it’s a 4 stage relay and for W50, it’s a 3 stage relay. Names for either of these relay races should go to the captains on [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected]

Smokies 10 miles road race for women This popular event, held on Sunday 5th March in Arbroath, has opened for entries, here.

Race Results

We will automatically report the results of GP races. However, if you have taken part in other events, please let us know by sending your results to [email protected]

Tuesday 24th January, Meadows 5k, Edinburgh (lunchtime race organised by Blast Racing with prizes of whisky to mark Burns day!)

  • Barry Davie 18.47 1st M40
  • Kieran Morgan 22.01 1st M60
  • Donald MacLeod 27.05
  • Jane MacLeod 27.34 1st F70 (New F70 Course Record time)

Friday 27th January, 3k on the Green, Glasgow (lunchtime race)

  • Kieran Morgan 12:27 3rd M60

Saturday 28th January, Buchlyvie 10k

  • 40 Andrew Waterworth 43:35

Sunday 29th January, Festive Forest, Blairadam

Thanks go to the many volunteers who helped make Sunday’s race a success. We had 31 starters and 30 finishers.

  1. Barry Davie 00:46:26 1st M
  2. Jamie Harte 00:46:40 2nd M
  3. Steven King 00:48:05 3rd M
  4. Jonathan Millar 00:52:02 1st MS
  5. Nils Krichel 00:53:14
  6. Andrew Waterworth 00:54:52
  7. Eric Vincent 00:55:14
  8. Gordon Pryde 00:55:30 1st M60
  9. Ross Hunter 00:55:31
  10. John Hynd 00:55:53
  11. Allan Brannigan 00:56:38 1st M50
  12. Kieran Morgan 00:57:14
  13. Derek Hunter 00:59:22
  14. Andy Brown 00:59:39
  15. Stuart King 00:59:55
  16. Gordon Somerville 01:00:20
  17. Isobel Burnett 01:00:42 1st F
  18. Alison Murray 01:01:22 2nd F
  19. Sarah Marshall 01:02:39 3rd F
  20. Steven Barrie 01:03:32 1st M40
  21. Karen Forsyth 01:05:58 1st FS
  22. Jane Macleod 01:11:09 1st V70
  23. Shelby Lynch 01:12:13
  24. Phil Smithard 01:14:20 1st M70
  25. Donald Macleod 01:15:17
  26. Clive Cable 01:26:40
  27. Stephen Greer 01:27:33
  28. Bill Fairley 01:40:04 1st M80
  29. Fiona Rennie 01:40:13 1st =F60
  30. Pauline Walker 01:40:13 1st =F60